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Sandy Reid

Sandy Reid was born into a family of craftsmen in the Bavarian Alps in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. From an early age she was able to get creative with textiles and leather in her family's workshop designing her first collection of clothing and bags during high school.


In her twenties she studied knitted clothing production in Australia, at the University of Sydney. Visiting several countries in Asia and Central America, extensively exploring art history, world culture, and crafts throughout her travels. 


Returning to Europe, Sandy further expanded her artistic career -earning her bachelorette of science in Studio Arts and Child Development in Munich Germany in 1998. She has since focused entirely on art education for children and teens.


Sandy’s Art Studio for Children and Teens was founded in 2004 in San Clemente, California. Sandy educates with the aim to connect children to nature, foreign cultures, and contemporary art. In her projects, expansion of knowledge and passion for creativity in the world can fall in place through exploration and creation. 

~When our "outside"  and "inside" worlds can find one another through art and expand out, confidence in techniques of expression will lead to passion for art, science and more learning in children and teens ~

  • Heilpaedagogische Tagesstaette, Murnau Germany


  • Rumfordschloesses, English Garden, Munich, Germany


  • Kindernest Weilheim O.B., Germany


  • Anneliese School Laguna Beach, CA

  • Journey School, Aliso Viejo, CA


  • San Clemente Center for the Arts


  • TLC Public Charter School, Orange, CA


  • City of San Clemente Community Recreation

The essence of Sandy Reid`s curriculum involves a variety of mediums, techniques and styles to immerse students in 21st Century creativity and prepare them for multi-faceted artistic challenges in today's culturally accessible artworld.  
in San Clemente's Recreational Magazine??
Yup...You Guessed IT !!!
Check Out the Article in This Issue, PAGE 10
San Clemente Recreation Department Article about Sandy Reid Art Instructor

or Read It Here!

Sandy`s Art Studio for Children & Teens
was featured in the magazine `STUDIOS` by Interveaverly Press in the Summer 2012 edition!
“The importance in an engaging group art program is that children feel comfortable enough to give helpful critique and share critical thinking in the art process with the instructor and their peers. This creates self-confidence and paves the way to a deeper understanding of visual Art and the elements of design. Moreover, working with each other in teams is the connection between science and art –or- the place where the best ideas are born.”                   ~ Sandy Reid 
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