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Camps and Workshops


Sandy's Art Studio offers a variety of Camps and Workshops each year during the Summer, Spring and Winter breaks. These special programs are announced in Sandy's Newsletter, on her Calendar, Social Media Feeds and Blog. Please note the dates, times, fees and location of your desired program(s) prior to Registration and Payment, as they will vary from year to year.


PLEASE NOTE: Camps and Workshop themes and descriptions may vary. Sandy is always creating something FUN and EDUCATIONAL for her students. The events described below are from previous years Camps and Workshops.

Drawing and Sculpting Art Camp for Ages 5 - 12


Drawing and Sculpting Art Camps are available in late June - early July for 4 days. Below is a generalized description of this creative camp:


In the first part of each camp day all artists will learn how to draw there self-portrait, animals, plants, buildings, vehicles or objects from still life in a variety of media.


After a fun break with snacks and friends, instructions will follow on how to create a three-dimensional version of the rendering in clay. All clay figures and reliefs will be fired and glazed. Different projects in each Camp. 


Please view our CALENDAR for class dates/times, location and pricing.

Sunshine Art Camps for Ages 5 - 12


Sunshine Art Camps are offered in two sessions and follow a specially created theme. For example:


- Camp 1 -  PAINT PICASSO  July 14-17           

- Camp 2 -  OCEAN MAGIC  July 21-24


In PAINT PICASSO Camp, we will draw cubist faces and learn about contour and color theory by painting fruits and flowers Picasso style. We will also build a Picasso sculpture with cardboard while exploring works of the magnificent artist.


Come to OCEAN MAGIC Camp for print making in Japanese block print style and folding origami boats. Combine collage with turquoise watercolor and voila, magic happens. Learn about the `rule of thirds` while painting an ocean scene on canvas and building a deep sea creature in clay. We`ll have snacks in the garden during breaks! Please sign up early, camps will fill!


Please view our CALENDAR for class dates/times, location and pricing.

Summer Art Workshops for Ages 12 - 18


Sandy's Art Studio presents several Art Workshops for tweens and teens during late Summer. Examples include:


- 3-Day or 2-Day Sculpting -

If you are interested in working with clay this summer come to the Sculpting Workshops and model a realistic bust in 3 days; or handbuild anything in our 2-day Handbuilding Workshop.


- 2-Day Charcoal Still Life - 

Learn how to set up and correctly light objects of your choice and draw them in a contrasting Charcoal Still Life Workshop. 


- 2-Day Collage -

Join the Collage Workshop and get the scoop on altering materials and fun images into amazing compositions.


Please view our CALENDAR for class dates/times, location and pricing.

End of Summer Art Camps for Ages 5 - 12


Come and Celebrate with us at the `End of Summer Art Camps`. Sandy will be cooking up some hot and tasty themes for kids to dive into!


What is the "End of Summer Art Camp" like?

Enjoy the last weeks of school break with special art projects. For example: learn about Asian art with Chinese Brush Stroke Painting; sculpt animals with clay that can be fired; learn how to create cool looks on fabric with batik and be part of a abstract watercolor plain air project right outside the art room. What a fun way to get creative and to improve and learn new skills and techniques. 


Please view our CALENDAR for class dates/times, location and pricing.

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