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Sandy Reid of Sandy's Art Studio for Kids, Teens and Adults in San Clemente, Orange County

      Happy Parents (and KIDS!)


As a person who grew up surrounded by art every day (both of my parents had Master's Degrees in Art) and watching the creative process in action firsthand, I knew that I had an inside view that would make it difficult for me to settle for just any art program when it came to my own daughter's education. I had high standards because I felt strongly that while many art teachers focus on technique, they miss the most important parts of the creative process. Specifically, I wanted an art program that would allow a child's creativity to develop freely while introducing artistic techniques that they could grow with.  


Of paramount importance in any art program would be the continual fostering of the innate love of artistic expression that I believe all children have. What I specifically did not want was a "paint by numbers" style of art class, whereby children are taught a limited process that results in all of their art looking the same while squelching their free creative expression. In my opinion, those kinds of classes are one step up from coloring books, and although they have their place, they are not for parents who want their children to truly learn how to be free, creative, skilled, lifelong artists who love the process.

After trying many classes over the years, I finally discovered Ms. Sandy Reid. She is exactly what I was looking for. She is an experienced artist herself who has a gifted way of connecting with children. She teaches excellent artistic techniques while allowing the children to explore their individuality. Each and every child is able to express themselves artistically in ways that result in unique pieces representing their originality. In Sandy's classes, my daughter learns a different artistic technique each time, a different way of seeing things, a different medium with which to express herself, a different way to see and experience art. My daughter comes home from every class bubbling over with excitement and inspired to delve into more art at home.  


Besides learning art the only way it should be learned (in my opinion), the children are nurtured by Sandy's loving and kind way. She truly cares about the children she teaches, and that is obvious from the first moment you see her in action. Because of how Sandy teaches art, I truly believe that my children will have the love of artistic expression for a lifetime, along with the skills to support such a passion".


-Joan Ford

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